Learning From Seminars

Earlier this year, we went to the Houston RV Show where they provided daily seminars on different topics.  On the first day of the show, we went to our first and only seminar at the show.   The topic was RV electrical systems.  It wasn’t like the seminar wasn’t well thought out.  It was the target audience.  The presentation was for people who had never RVed before.  Not much use for us.

I don’t think I can generalize our seminar experience at the Houston RV show to all RV shows or even the next Houston RV Show.

Howard and Linda of RV-Dreams have been doing week long Educational Seminars for several years now.  According to Lee and Tracy of Camper Chronicles, the seminars are amazing and definitely worth the time, effort and money to attend.  This sentiment is echoed by others who have attended these seminars as well.

We signed up for and attended the 2017 RV-Dreams Spring Educational Rally held in May at the River Plantation RV Resort in Sevierville, Tennessee.

The seminar teaches the RVing skills needed for full-timing.  We learned how to be much better RVers.  We also learned effective strategies for making the transition from weekend to extended traveler to full-timer.

One of the cool things about the seminars is the number of alumni who return for another session.  We plan to return as well.

My reasons for returning are:

  • there is so much to learn that I need to hear it all again
  • the community spirit is strong, friendly and supportive
  • full-timing is normal
  • we will have a great time again

Hope to see you enjoying the road ahead.


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