Poppy Lantern and Spot Light – Yellow

Poppy Lantern and Spot Light – Yellow

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The last time I was at Princess Craft RV in Round Rock Texas, I snatched this flashlight out of its display when Linda wasn’t looking.  Then I paid for it before she noticed that I was holding it.  She thinks I already have too many flashlights.  She is probably right.

For some reason, flashlights in general fascinate me more than most other people.  Regardless, I think this flashlight is special.  We used this flashlight in lantern mode after sunset and before sunrise everyday while boon-docking in Big Bend National Park earlier this month.  After the fourth day of use, I could tell the three AA batteries needed changing as the lantern was visibly producing less light.

Above, the picture shows the flashlight in flashlight mode.  The big reflector works well at focusing lots of light.  However, this flashlight really shines in lantern mode (shown below).

20171126-2017-11-26 16.30.44

As a lantern, the Poppy bathes the entire area in a nice even light.  When you look directly at the lit lantern, it doesn’t blind you like a single bulb would because the three 2 inch yellow strips glow brightly but not too brightly with light.

I wanted to add one more of these and replace anther LED lantern that takes 4 D cell batteries.  Instead of driving for two hours to Princess Craft, I opted to look on Amazon.  Nebo Poppy 6555 Combination LED 300 Lumen Lantern / 120 Lumen Spot Light w/ 3 X EdisonBright AA batteries (Yellow) for under $20.  Pretty good value.

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