Simple Wet Bath Mods

Simple Wet Bath Mods


Our camper has a wet bath – an integrated shower, sink and toilet that all get wet while showering.  Camper wet baths tend to be on the small side and our camper is no different.

To better use the available space, we got a clothes rod installed.  It is located directly above the toilet.  One end of the rod fits into a round hole (left side which isn’t in the picture) and on the right side is ‘U’ shaped slot to drop in the other end of the rod.  To remove the rod, you lift the right hand side of the rod out of the ‘U’ and then pull the rod away from the left side round hole.

As luck would have it, when I shower, I regularly bump the rod up lifting it out of the right hand side ‘U’ bracket and then the rod just clangs to the floor.

I read about a solution in Truck Camper Magazine.    All you need to do is wrap a large rubber band around around the right hand end of the rod (3 times in my case), insert the rod into the left and hole, the right hand ‘U’ bracket and then roll the rubber band over the ‘U’ bracket so that it no longer is a ‘U’.  The rubber band closes the ‘U’ and makes it an ‘Oh’ as shown below.

20171210-2017-12-10 08.46.46

Problem solved.

One small hurdle to overcome – where to get big rubber bands.  I found Grifiti Big-Ass Bands 6″ 20 Pack on Amazon.  These are made from silicone so they won’t degrade like typical rubber bands do.

Now all I need is to find a better solution for keeping the medicine cabinet closed while driving.   The current solution (which looks horrid) uses one small and one large bungee cord to hold the door closed.


If you know of a better solution, please send me a note.

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