Grab and Go Flashlight

Grab and Go Flashlight

I’m a big fan of MAGLITE flashlights and have one in each of my vehicles and one in the camper.  The problem is, how do you find your flashlight when it doesn’t fit nicely in the one drawer?

Lucky for me, MAGLITE makes a sturdy bracket for their flashlights.  I bought the bracket on Amazon but there are other providers as well.

Mag Instrument MAGASXD026 D-Cell Maglite Mounting Brackets

We bought the camper with a magazine rack mounted on the bulkhead between the refrigerator and the dinette.  I mounted the holder under the magazine rack using blue painter’s tape as a guide.  The screws provided worked well to fasten the holder to the bulkhead.

Now, I can always easily grab the flashlight and go.


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