RV Keyless Entry

RV Keyless Entry

Keyless entry locks have been available on cars for decades.  Finally keyless entry has come to RVs.  Lance campers now come with a keyless entry system – The RVLock V4.0 With Integrated Keypad.   By default, Lance campers only come with a single remote or fob.

Two people can’t really share one fob.   The keyless entry system utility becomes apparent by watching another person use it.  So much easier than using a key.  Especially when the door is up high and the hands are full.

In addition to the fobs, there is a keypad that can be used to open the door.  Unfortunately the keypad is missing zero and nine.  Coming up with a memorable code can be a bit of a challenge when 20 percent of the digits are unavailable.

As an inadvertent security vulnerability, each KeyLock system comes programmed with the same default keypad code.  Be sure to either disable this feature or configure it with a value other than the default.

Keypad programming requires the “code reset” button be pressed (up to 10 seconds) until the unit beeps.  This tidbit is on installation side of the instruction sheet that comes with the keyless entry system.  It isn’t on the side of the instruction sheet that describes how to program the keypad code.   The keypad programming entries must be done without pause all the way through otherwise the entry will fail with the fail tone code.  When failure occurs, the “code reset” button needs to be pressed and the tone received before trying to program again.

Near the one year mark, the key had started to stick in the lock and wouldn’t move the deadbolt.  Surprisingly, even when the key won’t move the deadbolt, the keyless entry (fob and keypad) continued to work just fine.

The sticky key lock problem was easily fixed with a squirt of WD-40.

An extra RVLock Universal 4-Button Remote FOB costs $40 on Amazon.

RVLock Universal 4-Button Remote FOB
RVLock Universal 4-Button Remote FOB

Key fobs also need to be programmed.  The instructions are not complicated.  Programming is just another thing to do.

The RVLock keyless entry system fits standard doors on newer RVs allowing upgrades to the keyless system.  To see if you can install a keyless system on your RV, visit the RVLock Installation page.  Installation is simple and is just replacing the existing lock: unscrew the old and screw in the new.

RVLock V4.0 With Integrated Keypad
RVLock V4.0 With Integrated Keypad

Despite the negative marketing tone in this post, the RVLock keyless entry system is awesome and now that we have had one, my future RVs will continue to have keyless entry systems.  Just can’t live without  one anymore.

Life is good.

Hope to see you on the road ahead!

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