St. Louis

St. Louis

Monday, July 29 Through Thursday, August 8, 2019

While in St. Louis, we spent time with family, searched for potential RV storage facilities, worked on improving our St. Louis house and went to Garden Party Lights  at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

It never feels like we get enough family time.   Even though we took the parents-in-law to visit Linda’s Indiana sister (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) and we spent time with Lind’a other sisters while in St. Louis, it just wasn’t enough.   We weren’t able to meet up with either of Linda’s brothers.  That and a little over a week just isn’t enough time for a real family fix.

Our long term plan is to summer up north using St. Louis as a home base.  Then winter down south using San Antonio as a home base.  We are quite happy with our San Antonio storage facility where we rent a 45 by 12 foot garage that holds both our truck with mounted camper and the Jeep.  The search for a similar facility in the St. Louis area has not been fruitful.

Google and Bing searches yield plenty of storage solutions that match search terms like “St. Louis RV storage covered“, “St. Louis RV storage garage“, and “St. Louis RV storage climate controlled“.  Maybe storage,  RV, covered or garage don’t mean what the advertisers think they mean.  Out of five outdoor RV storage facilities visited, only two had potential.  Both had waiting lists.  Neither was particularly level making mounting and dismounting the camper a problem.

Few Ford dealers have bays tall enough for rigs 11½ feet high.  In the San Antonio area, dealers will change oil outside on the ground without using a lift.  I just can’t believe they do as good or careful a job under those circumstances.  This is why taking the camper off the truck before service is important.

Next summer, we may try out the cheaper potential outside storage facility for a few months just to see how it goes.

When we bought the St. Louis house, all of the windows and doors in the house had been replaced within the last five years except the front door and the two basement windows.  One of my nephews works for a window and door company so we are having that company replace the door and windows.  They came over to measure.  From the measurements we can get a quote, then put money down and order the goods so they can be custom made.  Installation is expected sometime this fall.

We got word that Princess Craft would be finished remodeling our truck camper kitchen (see blog post discussing remodeling) by Saturday, August 10.  We would be able to pick the truck and camper up on our way back from to San Antonio.

On Thursday, we left St. Louis for San Antonio.

Hope to see you on the road ahead!

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