Kerrville KOA Journey

Kerrville KOA Journey

Wednesday, August 14 Through Thursday, August 15, 2019

This KOA is 1½ miles off of Interstate on Goat Creek Road (an I-10 exit).  We arrived before 1:00 PM.   Pulling into the site, I noticed that the further up in the site we got, the more off level we became.  I unhooked the Jeep and moved it to the bottom of the site.  Then I backed the truck up while looking at the bubble level on the center console.  The trucks center console is level when the truck is level.

Kerrville KOA Journey Campsite
Kerrville KOA Journey Campsite

The temperature was already in the mid-nineties as I hooked up the electric, water sewer and cable.   After lunch, both awnings were put out to help shade the camper.  A little while  later, the four season covers were snapped into place to insulate the interior side of ceiling vents and skylights from the terrible sun.

Around 4:00 PM, an unexpected thunderstorm rolled through the area.  The awnings were brought back in as the wind started rocking the camper.

The park was empty compared to the last time we stayed here, a month after buying the truck camper in June 2017.  Not much has changed.   The public bathhouse is still warn but spotlessly clean.  Only a few of the campsites are really level.  Campers can still hear traffic on Goat Creek Road but that traffic feels quieter than the 18-wheelers blasting past Buckhorn Lake Resort, also off Goat Creek Road but on I-10.  The laundromat is still there in good condition.  They still sell gas, diesel and propane at reasonable prices.  The park store still carries a nice mix of foods and snacks. The swimming pool is now open. The pool wasn’t crowded and I saw a few adults swimming.

Thursday morning, after breakfast, it was time to wash the dishes. The hot water heater wouldn’t come on. It wouldn’t start on gas or electric. Poking around, I discovered that the propane bottle valves were turned off. I assume this was done at Princess Craft as a work safety thing. I turned the valves on but the water heater still wouldn’t heat water.

The water heater problem soured the prevailing mood considerably. Was it something Princess Craft did or didn’t do?

The dishes were done using hot water from the electric kettle. Then we were on our way to Lubbock KOA for the night with a busted water heater.

Hope to see you on the road ahead!

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