Death Valley National Park – Devil’s Golf Course

Death Valley National Park – Devil’s Golf Course

Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Devil’s Golf Course in Death Valley National Park is a good example of a salt pan, a natural occurrence of salt covering the ground over a large area.  According to Wikipedia article, maximum salt depth was measured by the Pacific Coast Borax Company at 1,000 feet.  Later studies suggest that the depth might be as high as 9,000 feet in places.

Devil's Golf Course
Devil’s Golf Course

Unlike the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Devil’s Golf Course is not flat.  It is harder to walk through than a boulder field.  Signs in the parking lot warn visitors to be careful walking across the salt pan.  “A fall could result in painful cuts or even broken bones.

No explanation was given for why the salt in Badwater Basin is smooth and the salt in Devil’s Golf Course isn’t.

Mountains Above The Plane
Mountains Above The Plane

The view from the parking lot is good.  The mountains east and west of Death Valley seem close, partly because they rise so high above the plane.

Vehicles Driving Devil's Golf Course Access Road
Vehicles Driving Devil’s Golf Course Access Road

The turn to Devil’s Golf Course is located on Badwater Road between Furnace Creek and Badwater Basin.  In the above picture, three vehicles can be seen driving the gravel road between the parking lot and Badwater Road.

Devil's Golf Course Access Road
Devil’s Golf Course Access Road

The gravel road is wide enough for two vehicles to pass side by side.  There was no washboarding the day we drove the road.

Hope to see you on the road ahead!

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