Learn Full Timing

Crawl, Walk, Run

Our path to full timing is based on the Crawl, Walk, Run model.  Translated to RVing, Weekender, Extended Traveler, Full Timer.


We started with weekending.  We are still weekenders.  We go out camping on weekends and for vacations.   After camping for over fifteen years we’ve gotten pretty good at the camping thing.

To learn about full timing, we began

  • talking to full timers
  • reading full timer blogs
  • reading RV news
  • joining forums

Extended Traveler

It turns out there can be an interim step between weekender and full timer.  Extended travelers go out for long trips.  At the end of the trip, home to sticks and bricks.

Extended travel is our interim plan.  After retirement, we plan to go out for a month and come home.  Then we plan to go to Alaska for four months and come home.  If this works, we go all in.  Full Timers all the way.  Crawl, walk, run.

Hope to see you enjoying the road ahead.

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