Big Bend National Park 11/2017 Day 3

Big Bend National Park 11/2017 Day 3


Monday, after it warmed up a bit, we drove TX 118 to Old Maverick Road and took that south all the way to the end to the Santa Elena Canyon.  This is where the Rio Grande River flows through a narrow canyon seven miles.  In the picture, the canyon wall to the left of me is Mexico and the canyon wall on the right is the US.  The height of the canyon walls varies but is as high as 1,500 feet in places.  When the river flow is good, there are class 4 rapids two miles in from the other end.  The river is flowing toward me (where I took this picture) and since it hasn’t been raining for a few weeks, I could literally have crossed the river on foot to Mexico.

I don’t think building a fence here would be effective.

We also visited the Cottonwood Campground not far from Santa Elena Canyon.  Those are real cottonwood trees.  The leaves make the most comforting rustling sounds as the wind gusts push through the grove’s canopy.  We plan to use this campground someday.  Someday!


This campground is so peaceful.  Potable water is now available (last 2 years or so) but the closest public showers are in the Rio Grande Village store.  That is a long drive to get a shower.


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