Big Bend National Park 11/2017 Day 4

Big Bend National Park 11/2017 Day 4

2017-11-15 09.59.05

Late Tuesday afternoon, while we were parked at our campsite, the Jeep electrical system went totally nuts and we lost the ability to start the engine and operate the door locks remotely.  We totally freaked out.  A dead vehicle at least 3½ hours from the nearest Jeep dealer.  Initially, we had no idea what to do.  We walked the mile over to the park store to get on the Internet and to talk to the folks in the store (seen above).

One choice was to get a wreaker to come get the Jeep and take it somewhere.  Another was to contact a mechanics shop in Terlingua, TX and see if they have someone available to work  on the Jeep (the store people body language suggested this was a low probability item).  There were other options as well.  At this time, none of the options sounded all that attractive and many of them would have screwed up our vacation.

We decided not to make any decisions Tuesday evening and revisit our options on Wednesday.

This is a brief intermission from car trouble.  Now it is time for cute dog pictures.  Picasso first.


Benjie wanted to know if this makes his behind look big.






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