Big Bend National Park 11/2017 Day 5

Big Bend National Park 11/2017 Day 5

2017-11-15 11.41.26

We used the camper oven for the first time to make pizza.  It lights much easier than the oven that came with our fifth wheel 16 years ago.  We did learn a few things though.  Move the oven rack up and lower the temperature so that the bottom of the pizza won’t burn.

Back to the dead Jeep problem.  Wednesday morning I pushed the Jeep back to be even with the truck and used jumper cables to connect the two vehicles’ batteries.  I let the truck charge the Jeep battery for 20 minutes.  The Jeep electronics came back and worked normally.  I tried starting the Jeep but there wasn’t enough energy coming through a combination of the ‘charged’ Jeep battery and jumper cables to turn the engine over.  We figured out that the most likely scenario was the Jeep battery had failed.  We worked out a plan.  We would remove the Jeep battery.  Tow the Jeep behind the truck and camper like usual to our next camping destination.  Buy a battery in Alpine Texas along the way and finally install the battery once we arrived in our next campsite.

2017-11-15 17.29.59

Every evening when it is clear, the setting sun lights up the Sierra Del Carmen Mountains in Mexico across the Rio Grande River.  Both Linda and the mountains are lit up at Wednesday’s sunset.

Tomorrow we are moving to Davis Mountains State Park in Fort Davis Texas.


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