Annual Sandstorm Festival

Annual Sandstorm Festival

Spring is here and the sand is literally flying.    We left our home in San Antonio mid morning intending to stay the night at Buckhorn Lake Resort outside of Kerrville, TX.  Since they were out of pull through sites, we decided to drive on to Fort Stockton RV Park  (another favorite RV park) or try to make it to Van Horn.

We knew from weather reports that the winds would get pretty strong as a cold front was coming through.  Past Ozona, the winds really began to pick up.

Sandstorm on I-10 Between Ozona and Fort Stockton
Sandstorm on I-10 Between Ozona and Fort Stockton

You know there is lots of junk in the air when you can’t see the hills in the distance.

Initially the weather reports were saying that winds would be between 25 and 35 MPH.  This sort of wind makes driving RVs a real chore so I was really glad when we pulled into the Fort Stockton RV Park just after 4:00 PM.   I wouldn’t say I was tired out but I sure was getting there.

We didn’t have reservations and the park looked fuller than usual.  That was a concern.  Linda checked us in and when she got back into the truck with our spot assignment, she told me that we got the last non-reservation spot.

By 5:00 PM I had the water, electric and cable hooked up.  The wind and dust seemed to be increasing.  I walked to the bathhouse to check out the showers.  On the way back, walking into the wind, I could feel sand pelting my bare arms and legs.  It stung.

Safely back in the camper, I rechecked the weather.  I was dismayed to discover that expected winds were between 35 and 45 with gusts to 60 MPH.  Actual winds were 43 MPH at the moment I looked (Weather Bug).

I am so glad we got off the road when we did.  Earlier in the afternoon, we kept talking about driving through to Van Horn.  Driving in this sort of weather with the winds blowing trucks (including mine) across lanes in poor visibility is reckless.  I’m glad I made the right choice.

Get reservations for stops along I-10 (and generally in West Texas) during the spring sandstorm season.

The winds dropped to a gentle breeze just before sunset.  We hung out in the dog park and watched our little guys play with the other dogs.

The next morning, it was 45 degrees, clear and bright.  Not a cloud in the sky.  I could still see a dusty haze obscuring the distant hills.

Benji in Dog Park at Fort Stockton RV Park
Benji in Dog Park at Fort Stockton RV Park

We took the dogs back to the dog park before packing up getting back on the road.  I’m looking forward to another beautiful day for driving.

Hope to see you on the road ahead!

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