Van Horn Stopover

Van Horn Stopover

Van Horn Texas is a good stopover point as it is at multiple crossroads.  We stayed at the Van Horn RV Park for the very first time on our way west on I-10 because from Van Horn, we can pass through El Paso at a good times.  Friendly people.  Dog runs.  On site café serving breakfast and dinner.  Level.  All the hookups we might ever need.

This RV park is in the desert and while there are some trees, I have no expectation of shade ever being available.  I like this park and found it scenic.  But then I’m a fan of desert landscapes.

The park is located south of I-10.  There is a truck stop between the freeway and the park.  North of I-10 and running parallel to I-10 is a busy East/West rail line.  At night, after the wind dies down, we could faintly hear trains lumbering along the tracks and trucks buzzing by on the freeway.  The noise was hardly noticeable and didn’t cause us any sleep problems.

Linda and I are currently planning future trips and we will use this park as a transit park where we can dump and clean our tanks, do laundry, take on fuel and get groceries at Porter’s Grocery Store before heading on to destination parks.  We already shop at Porter’s in Alpine and Fort Davis Texas.

Driving to Rockhound State Park

The drive from Van Horn Texas to Deming New Mexico wasn’t exactly uneventful.  At the eastern edge of El Paso, we were detoured off I-10 and drove through the Franklin Mountains.   The El Paso bypass turned out to be both terrifying and spectacularly beautiful.  The wind picked up and we fought a strong side wind from Las Cruces New Mexico all the way to Deming.  Then there were the warning signs.  Literally.  Roughly every ten to twenty miles, we found signs telling motorists what to do when blowing sand and dust blanket the highway.  Given how hazy the air was, we easily believed that the threat of an 80 car pileup was imminent.

In Deming, we couldn’t find the state highway (11) recommended by the directions on the Rockhound State Park website.  After an argument about what to do, we settled on using Apple maps even though both of us were concerned that the Apple Maps directions might take us on some horrid unpaved county road.

It turned out that all the roads were perfectly fine.  Subsequently, we discovered the right way (State Highway 11) to go from I-10 to the park while travelling back and forth to the Walmart for groceries.

Hope to see you on the road ahead.

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