Nevada Treasure RV Resort Site 4-5

Nevada Treasure RV Resort Site 4-5

The Nevada Treasure RV Resort appears to have been designed as a destination RV park.  In some respects, it is over the top nice.   The landscaping throughout the park (including the RV sites) is amazing and adds to the sense that this is an oasis in the desert.  Landscaping also separates sites in a natural gentle way.  The staff is helpful and polite.   The swimming pool area rivals ones found at resort hotels in Hawaii.  There is a complete workout gym with all the requisite workout equipment.  The conference facilities are nice.  There is a 4 lane bowling alley.  There is an on-site bar and grill.

The back in RV sites expose the RV’s curbside to the road.  This would be a boon for park residents who want to socialize and detraction for residents who value campsite privacy.

Because we have a cramped wet bath in our truck camper, we prefer to use showers and restrooms provided by the park.  We looked at the showers connected to the pool area and decided not to use them as they offered no privacy for dressing.  I suspect their primary use is to wash off chlorine from the pool water.  We discovered midway through our week long stay that there were better showers offering needed privacy in the workout gym area.  Access to the gym required a key with a $20 deposit.  We showered in our camper.

Water and electric connections were at the back of the site.   We backed the truck camper halfway into the site and setup our private living area behind the truck camper out of plain view.  Had our rig  been larger (like a fifth wheel), I expect hose and cord length would have been an issue.  The sewer connection wasn’t in an unreasonable spot.

Our Living Space Behind the Camper
Our Living Space Behind the Camper

The landscaping between sites is particularly nice.

WIFI, Cable TV and Mobile Phones

The park advertises free WIFI.  Neither Linda nor I could get the WIFI to work with our Windows PCs or our iPhones/iPads.  The park does not provide cable TV.  We were able to get enough over-the-air channels that we could watch some TV if we chose to.

Inside the park, our AT&T mobile phones got 2 bars or less 4G and we could only get Internet data service sporadically (e.g. in the middle of the night while we should be sleeping).  Our Verizon phones did well for both voice and data.  One of the other residents showed me that he was getting great Internet access on his T-Mobile phone.

Doing Laundry

We did laundry Sunday morning.  Two out of six washing machines were out-of-order.  We witnessed a confrontation between 2 residents.  Resident A put wash in the 4 working washing machines and then left.  After one of the loads finished, resident B came in, noting that all the machines were taken and one of the washing machines had completed.  After 10 minutes resident B moved resident A’s laundry from one machine into a basket.  When resident A returned, the sparks flew.

Not wanting more drama in our lives, we found the Pahrump Station Laundromat off of the main highway through Pahrump.  This was a larger laundromat with good front loader machines (in different sizes) and even though it was busy, there was no drama.

Dog Run

The dog run would be much nicer if limestone were applied and then washed in.  It just seemed overly used like an over flowing toilet.  I do like the overall design and wished that they could have added shade on the structure above the dog run.

Nevada Treasure RV Resort - Dog Run
Nevada Treasure RV Resort – Dog Run

The dog poo bag dispenser was taped together.  When we arrived, you could get poo bags out of the dispenser.  By the time we left, the tape job failed and the poo bag roll was on the seat next to the gate.

Long Term Residents

The bulk of the residents appear to be long term (over the winter).  From hearing resident discussions, I understand that many of the winter guests will move on at the end of April or beginning of May.

Death Valley Gateway

The highway through Pahrump has a turn near the Nevada Treasure RV Resort for Death Valley.  We may be using Pahrump as the home base for exploring Death Valley in the future.  We had no idea that Death Valley was so close, otherwise we would have made plans to come earlier or stay later.


I’m not very familiar with quail.  I had to guess what type of bird these were and then research them on the Internet.  They are all over the RV park.  They seem to be pretty dumb as birds go.  They seem similar to pigeons in their dumbness.   On the other hand, they sure are cute.

Fancy Quail
Fancy Quail

It looked like male quails were chasing the females around or defending their territory from other males.

Quail Love Is In The Air
Quail Love Is In The Air

Apparently, boulders warming in the sun all day are attractive to scorpions at night when it begins to cool off.  A number of the other rally attendees bought black light flashlights to find scorpions at night.  We followed a few couples who had these flashlights around the park after dark.  They would shine the black light flashlights on the rocks and boulders in the landscaping and large (sometimes huge) scorpions would literally glow.  It was so cool!

Black Light Flashlights
Black Light Flashlights

Some folks bought the flashlights locally at the hardware store.  Some said they got them at the local Walmart.  I found one on Walmart’s website.

Nestled Between Mountains

Parhump is in a valley nestled between mountains.  The location is stunning at sunrise and sunset.

View From Behind The Park
View From Behind The Park
The Mountains In Front Of The Park
The Mountains In Front Of The Park

O Happy Bread

We heard that there was this wonderful bakery off the main highway in Pahrump on East Basin Avenue called O Happy Bread.  On Monday, we tried them out.  I had the best roasted red pepper and Gouda soup (similar to tomato basil soup in texture and flavoring but much fuller) with a ham and cheese baguette.

Baguette and Roasted Red Pepper and Provolone Soup
Baguette and Roasted Red Pepper and Gouda Soup

I might visit Pahrump just to eat at this little bakery again.

Hope to see you on the road ahead!

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