Kingman KOA Journey – April 2018

Kingman KOA Journey – April 2018

This is a good over night RV park for us.  Because of site availability, the only sites left were the more expensive patio sites.  Excellent patio setup.  Comfortable.  Trees on both ends of the patio area provide shade.  Each patio has a gas grill with gas bottle similar to my home grill.  Good quality tables and chairs that don’t blow over in the wind.

Showering in the truck camper’s wet bath can be a bit challenging.  When available, I’ve been using park showers.  On this stay, I used the unisex showers.  These are much nicer and more roomy than the showers found in the restrooms.

I like going into the park’s store/office.  We needed ice.  I almost bought some nice Route 66 themed coasters but I got distracted by an ice cream sandwich.  The kind that has vanilla ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies.

We found the dog run.  It was clean and well maintained.  Happy dogs make happy camping.  There are gates in the fence along the back of the park.  The gates let us into (and out of) a field behind the KOA.  The dogs enjoyed sniffing along the trail.

We stayed on the other side of the park just over a week ago on our way to  Pahrump, Nevada.  We stayed here again on the return trip.  To get here from Pahrump, we drove through Las Vegas and then through the Hoover Dam area.

I find driving through Las Vegas and the surrounding suburbs to be stressful.  Arrival was definitely a relief.  Some days, it just feels good to get off the road.  This is a good place to stop for the night.

Hope to see you on the road ahead!

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